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[sm_section_header title=”We Offer Great Workshops” show_underline=””][sm_column_text]“Art is never finished, only abandoned.”
Leonardo da Vinci 
[/sm_column_text][sm_separator border_width=”3″ color=”sm-heading-underline” el_width=”40″][sm_column_text]Henry Alfredo is opening up its workshop for all creatives. Whether it be the art of jewelry design, and all touching facets like stone setting and polishing, or the fine craft of ceramics, pottery, glazing, painting and sketching.

Essential 3d modeling techniques will be taught and students will get access to a Rostock Max V2 3D printer. As a kid i made toys like cars, row-and airboats and flying machines from scrap materials and i can instruct how to built your own.[/sm_column_text]

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Students are given the freedom to find and develop their own creative interests  

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Modeling clay into the desired size and shape. Students will experience how to hollow the piece and give it the correct thickness so it is able to be fired in the oven and won’t crack. After the biscuit firing of the green state pieces, the next step is glazing the artwork.


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jewelry design

The art of jewelry design, and all touching facets from stone setting to polishing, are explained.  This is essentially fine sculpting of metal with the possible arraying of a stone or more. Learn how to develop a concept from paper towards the actual wearable artwork.


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painting & sketching

The student is led through the basics of layering light colored paint above the dark on canvas. Techniques like pointillism, expressionism and theories on perspective are applied. The analog arts are very important to develop for kinesthetic development.


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Kickwheel your way into pottery paradise and discover the ins and outs of this traditional machine. Shape the vessel in your hands and experience direct product design.


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toy design

Construct an electrical car or windmill. Or why not a rubber powered airplane or a kite? Learn the basics of flight, mechanics, motion, soldering, and electricity.


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3D Modeling & printing

This course teaches all concepts of 3d design: modeling, lighting and preparing for 3d printing. Also touches upon the basics of mechanics when designing moving objects.


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Seats are still available

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[sm_pricing_table style=”sm-style2″ columns=”2″ theme=”sm-theme-light”][sm_pricing_column title=”7 – 18 years” currency=”€” price=”0″ period=”Per Month” button_caption=”sign up now” open_new=”true” button_link=””]Limited seats[/sm_pricing_column][sm_pricing_column title=”19 – ∞ years” currency=”€” price=”60″ period=”Per Month” button_caption=”Sign Up Now” open_new=”true” button_link=””]Limited seats[/sm_pricing_column][/sm_pricing_table]