Tetrahedral Kite Kit 16-Cell

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  • Bamboo rods + Replacements
  • Precut Foil for kite sail
  • Cutting template
  • Connection pieces (36 + 4 spare)
  • Kiting line
  • Spool holder
  • 2x jumper rings
  • Instruction leaflet
  • Special Lightweight Glue


This kit contains everything you need to construct your very own 16 cell Tetrahedral Kite! The beauty of this kite is that every order of 4 kites can be combined to transform it into a bigger single kite. Actually if you look closely, this kit is composed of 4 smaller 4-Cell kites proving the phenomenon. The tetrahedron is a figure made up of four equilateral triangles.

Alexander Graham Bell used and invented tetrahedral kites to prove his theory of flight. He also flew and built this shape and his rod length was exactly the same. Back then they didn’t have durable lightweight plastics, he used silk on his kites and had hangars to construct and store them.

This single line kite is very stable and easy to fly. I am experimenting in flying it with two lines to make it into an aerobatics or fighter kite.

Do not be mistaken by the pull as this kite has more surface area than it appears to have.


Theory behind the shape
Mathematicians call it a Sierpinski triangle. It simply means that – in two dimensions – every triangle, can be divided into three smaller copies, until infinity. As the Kite is a tetrahedron, a three-dimensional shape instead of a flat two dimensional one, we need to add one dimension.

Sierpinski triangle

Sierpinski triangle


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