Moustache Duck Eggcup


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Available colors: salmon, cinnamon, and purple. At the order page but before paying you can specify the desired colors you want.


This design is 3d printed locally and sanded by hand. Each print alone takes over 5 hours. It’s a quite laborious process and definitely not a print-and-go thing. After 3d printing the design is sanded and polished by hand and if it meets the quality inspection then undergoes vapour smoothing to give it that shiny glossy look. After, it will be left to cure for a whole day. Then the black moustache is painted by hand, and after that it needs to cure for a full two days more, in which time the black paint dries and the plastic itself becomes very hard again.

A moustache, a moustache, my kingdom for a moustache! Because even your eggcup needs le moustache. Guaranteed to be an eggsellent table companion. Fits a standard issue chicken egg and the bigger ones. Ostrich eggs may not neccessarily fit.

When putting in your chicken egg, you can put a thin blanket of raw cotton peeling out from under the egg, for an increased decorative effect.

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Cinnamon, Salmon


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